Dog First Aid

Would you know how to save your dog's life? There is no vet ambulance to come for you!

Why Dog First Aid?  Because unlike other pets, dogs travel with us pretty much everywhere we go.  Incidents away from home, walking in the countryside, road traffic injuries: all will need immediate action prior to getting to a vet.  The vet ambulance does not come to you!

Includes Emergency First Aid for Dogs manual written by vets. Course content is based on current veterinary best practice in the UK and USA.

This course can be delivered over a full day or as a short course over half a day or on an evening.

Emergency First Aid for Dogs and Dog Owners
Short course which includes: Know your dog, weekly health checks, checking and understanding vital signs, dealing with unconsciousness, CPR, drowning, choking/foreign objects, bleeding, injuries, shock, restraints, carrying and transportation, First Aid kits.

First Aid for Dogs and Dog Owners
All day course adds: Common medical problems, illness, burns, poisons, bites & stings, heat and cold disorders, dealing with aggressive/confused dog, dog bites on humans.
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