Sport First Aid
Emergency First Aid for Sport and Exercise (8 hours)

Participants of this course also receive an HSE recognised Emergency First Aid at Work certificate.

This is a comprehensive one day course covering the Emergency First Aid at Work content plus sport and exercise specific issues including sports trauma injuries, soft tissue injury and making a return/cease to play or training decision. This course satisfies the first aid requirements of most Sport and Exercise Governing Bodies. In addition to Sport and Exercise Coaches, this course is suitable for physiotherapists, Dance and Performing Arts Teachers and anybody else working in Sport, Exercise and Leisure who requires an Emergency First Aid at Work certificate as well as an understanding of dealing with sport and exercise related injuries.

Course Content
Safe best practice and awareness of current regulations
Sports specific practical scenario training -a systematic approach to incident management using ABCDE

Vital signs - monitoring of conscious casualties

Unconsciousness, causes and treatment using safe airway positions

CPR Resuscitation procedures, including using a Defibrillator


Common medical problems: stroke, seizures, asthma, diabetes & anaphylaxis

Hypo- and hyperthermia

External bleeding, internal bleeding and shock

Soft tissue injuries, strains and sprains

Cease to play decisions following on field assessment using SALTAPS

Recognition of concussion - use of Maddock's questions

Assessing and treating common sports trauma injuries - head, neck, spine & limb

Manual immobilisation of spinal injuries and spinal log roll
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First Aid for Sport, Exercise & Leisure (4 hours)

This is our entry level course for the sport and leisure sector. A short, dynamic course covering both emergency first aid and the duty of care, return to activity and injury assessment procedures required by those in the sport, exercise and leisure environment. This course meets the first aid requirements of some teaching and coaching qualifications and is ideal for those involved in mainstream sports, martial arts and other contact sports, dance and fitness instruction, personal training, A Level and GCSE PE, College Sports students, Level 2 and 3 Sport Leaders, etc. The content includes essential basic life support and sport injury management. Using a combination of demonstrations, practical exercises and discussions, this is a dynamic course that is delivered in an active sports context, and can be delivered on an evening after work if required, or at a more leisurely pace over a full day.

 Course Content

 Duty of Care and the Role of the Sports First Aider

 Basic Life Support

 Cardiac arrest and CPR


 Management of injuries

 Return to play decisions

 Maddocks' questions


 Life threatening injuries

 Bone and Joint injuries

 Strains and Sprains
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