Inspirational Training



Paediatric First Aid course for Childminders in West Denton, Newcastle was "the best course I have attended."

"Great course well led by tutor. Really enjoyed the two days."

"A great enjoyable course with a very informative tutor. Brilliant."

"Dave was clear and informative. Used a good mixture of practical and listening methods. Took time to answer questions and ensure clear understanding."

"This has definitely been the best course I have attended and would be happy to do my next course with Dave."

"Very hands on and I feel like I learnt a lot more this time that will stick. Very relaxed and friendly atmosphere."

First Aid at Work Requalification course was "hands on."

"Dave was great, left no stone unturned and was hands on which broke the day up and kept us alert and thinking. Deffo would recommend Dave to other people. 10/10."

Outdoor First Aid course in Newcastle is "highly recommended."

"An excellent course kept at a good pace by Dave. Highly recommended."

" Excellent course, and speaking as ex military (26 years) I can endorse that the instructor and the instruction was 'outstanding'. Thanks Dave - thoroughly enjoyed it."

"Well organised and explained course elements. Built and organised around my existing (and limited) first aid knowledge."

Emergency First Aid for Sport and Exercise course at University of Cumbria, Carlisle, "was an enjoyable day."

"Very clear, engaging delivery. Passionate instructor with loads of energy, made things very clear. Thank you!"

"This was really well delivered with energy and passion. I feel much more confident now about dealing with potential situations. Thank you!"

Excellent and specific to needs of workplace. Engaging and good pace of instruction. Interactive."

"Informative and varied in delivery. Kept interest throughout."

"Very informative and I feel very confident now to perform first aid!"

"A good enjoyable day. Very informative."

Paediatric First Aid course at TCR The Hub, Barnard Castle, was "one of the best first aid courses I have been on."

"Course was very helpful. Lovely person teaching it. I have learnt a lot from the course."

"The course has been thorough and very clear. Love the use of repetition to develop confidence."

"Thank you, it has genuinely been one of the best first aid courses I have been on. Thanks again."

Emergency First Aid at Work course at Carney Consultancy, North Shields was "better than any other first aid course."

"Just wanted to let you know I had a call from Triple Shield this morning who had 2 delegates booked on the Emergency First Aid at Work course – he advised both came to him separately to say how fantastic this course was and how the instructor ensured it was interesting and interactive the whole way through, much better in their words than any other first aid course they’d attended (including the likes of St. John Ambulance).

It’s lovely to receive positive feedback like this and they asked me to pass on their thanks and said they will certainly be using you again whenever possible for their training."

Outdoor Paediatric First Aid for Forest School Trainers at Scotswood Natural Community Garden was "great!"

"A relaxed, fun, friendly approach to training."

"Really enjoyed the course (unusually for first aid!)"

"Will recommend course to supply agencies."

"Course was great! Informative and enjoyable - I remember more when I'm enjoying it!"

Emergency First Aid at Work course was "fab!"

"Excellent instructor who utilised a range of teaching methods. The course was very student centred. Thank you!"

"Fab - repetition was cleverly constructed. Great course - many thanks."

"Great practical course, really enjoyed it!"

Paediatric First Aid course for Chill Out Time Childcare was "the best first aid training I have done."

"Course was interesting and fun. Tutor was excellent."

"Course was really useful and informative. Really enjoyed course."

"Really enjoyed this course and it was delivered very nicely."

"Dave the teacher made this course very interesting and explained things in a really simple way. A+ Dave."

"This was the best first aid training I have done."

" I liked the way this was taught and assessed throughout. Thank you Dave."

"Dave was brilliant - went into lots of detail and had us all involved. Great way to learn!"

Paediatric First Aid course was "one of the best courses I have been on."

"I really enjoyed this course. I have done first aid training many times but I feel that this course was taught really well and I feel I will remember it better this time."

"Great course. I feel more confident dealing with first aid both at home and at work."

"One of the best courses I have been on. Just to say again, a very good course."

"Dave was very knowledgeable and made the whole learning experience quite enjoyable. I would definitely recommend. Thanks."

Emergency First Aid at Work course for Fairbridge/Princes Trust was "a really good day!"

"I thoroughly enjoyed the event. I found it very useful and interesting. Thank you for a brilliant day!"

"Dave was very good at adapting to the needs of the group and being flexible to help people increase confidence."

"A really good day. Well paced for the group needs. A good mix of talk and practice. Clear demonstration of activity, opportunity to ask questions. Tutor was obviously very knowledgeable about first aid."

ITC Certificate in Outdoor First Aid was "thoroughly enjoyable."

" Dave packed a huge amount in to the two days. The teaching style made me much more confident to deal with first aid situations."

"Excellent in all respects and thoroughly enjoyable."

"An excellent, informative and engaging course, delivered in a confident, practical and relevant manner. Thank you."

Paediatric (Outdoor) First Aid, including Level 3 Paediatric First Aid, at RHS Harlow Carr, Harrogate for Forest School Trainers was "the most interesting first aid course I have been on."

"Dave was very enthusiastic and informative. Both days were very intense but full of relevant info. Thank you for your help."

"Good clear progressive teaching strategies. I liked this aspect."

"Dave was very friendly and recapped important info when needed. Answered our questions."

"This was the most interesting first aid course I have been on. I managed to maintain my concentration."

First Aid for Sport, Exercise and Leisure course at Tudhoe Cricket Club, Spennymoor, was "very good stuff!"

"Very well presented and informative course."

"Very good stuff. Great to see some actual interactive learning - helps remembrance."

Emergency, Outdoor and Sport First Aid course for the Robinson Family from Northumberland was " a lot of fun!"

"Very useful and relevant to my needs."

"Thoroughly informative program lead by a kind and motivated leader. Cannot fault the experience."

"Instructions were clear and the repetition of points/procedures very helpful. Also had a lot of fun!"

Outdoor First Aid course for Healthworks in Durham was a "fantastic day!"

"The course was delivered with professionalism but humour was used to lighten the atmosphere. The time went over very quickly."

"Enjoyable and worthwhile day."

"Fantastic day!"

Paediatric (Outdoor) First Aid for North Yorkshire Forest School Training,at Margrave Heritage Centre, near Guisborough, was "the best first aid course I've been on!"

"Lots of hands on opportunities provided. Thank you."

"Great course - really enjoyed it, miles better than the last Paediatric First Aid course I took. Thanks."

"A great course. I have learned a lot about first aid and feel much more confident."

"Excellent first aid course. Good mixture of scenarios and practice of skills."

"Absolutely fantastic course, would definitely recommend. The best first aid course I've been on!!"

"Thanks. This is the best first aid course that I have attended!"

Paediatric First Aid course in Newcastle upon Tyne for Health Works Breastfeeding Peer Supporters, was "very enjoyable and made fun"

"I enjoyed the course and felt comfortable asking questions and giving/receiving feedback. Leaving today feeling more confident in first aid skills."

"I am really pleased to have done this course. I feel that this course is of a sensitive nature, however Dave delivered it in a way that makes it easy to deal with - it is very informative and relaxed at the same time. I would recommend this course to others."

"Really good course. Feel like I would be better equipped in a situation that would require my first aid training. Thank you."

"Excellent training. Friendly, useful information, enthusiastic and approachable trainer."

"Was very enjoyable and made fun. Would definitely recommend others. I now feel much more confident in dealing in first aid situations."

"Great course. Very well explained, simple, easy to follow. Thanks!"

"Very happy with the experience. Made me feel more confident. Would do first aid with Inspirational Training again."

"The course was very informative and put across in a way that helps you remember."

"The course was very informative and much better than previous first aid courses attended as things were explained in a much easier way to understand."

"I thought the course was excellent and much better than previous courses I've attended. Thank you."

ITC Outdoor First Aid course in Newcastle was " the most relevant first aid course I've attended"

"Very good two days. Friendly and approachable instructor. Thanks."

"Practicing ABCD system excellent to help memory in stressful situations."

"The most relevant first aid course I've attended. Much better to be taught by an outdoor practitioner."

"An enjoyable course with a friendly atmosphere making it easy to learn."

"Outdoor session good - tests thinking skills."

"Our Cycle Instructors thoroughly enjoyed" the Outdoor First Aid Emergency Action course for Sustrans, Newcastle

"A very well presented, informative and enjoyable experience. I will feel much more confident if I have to deal with an emergency."

"Although an experienced first aider I really enjoyed the course and the instructor's delivery."

"All of our instructors thoroughly enjoyed the course and many have commented on your interactive and friendly delivery style."

First Aid for Sport Exercise and Leisure course for students at St Aidan's Catholic Academy, Sunderland "was fun"

"Very detailed and thorough, but well-paced and lively."

"Learned a lot."

"Good. Thank you."

"It was fun."

Emergency First Aid for Sport and Exercise course in Newcastle was "fab"

"Fab, very clear and concise teaching."

"I really enjoyed" the Emergency First Aid at Work course in Gateshead

"Enjoyable hands on first aid training. Trainers were great."

"Fun and practical. Trainers showed high levels of knowledge."

"A good mix of hands on and listening."

"Very well planned, prepared and presented course. A number of delivery methods were effectively used and helpful feedback was provided throughout. Really enjoyed the course. Thanks."

Paediatric (Outdoor) First Aid course for Forest School Leaders at Esh Winning Primary School, County Durham, was "fun and practical"

"Great use of repetition and practical reinforcement."

"Step by step instructions which were repeated and built upon were very helpful."

"Fun and practical."

"I would definitely recommend this Outdoor First Aid course" in Westerhope, Newcastle

"Excellent two days, clear instruction, well delivered. Practical and hands on. Thank you."

"The course is much more relevant to my work than any of the other first aid courses I've done. The assessment method is better too!"

"Use of the outdoor area was a welcome and useful session."

"I would definitely recommend this course to all teachers as it helps with any out of school trips we have to go on."

First Aid for Sport, Exercise and Leisure in Newton Aycliffe was "very clear, precise and logically delivered"

"Practical session was very helpful - especially how the life support was broken down into chunks. Also helpful was checking for injury to leg using SALTAPS system."

"Excellent tutor. Liked the CPR breakdown style."

"Very clear, precise and logically delivered. Straight to the point and good control of waffling!"

"I feel more confident" after Emergency First Aid at Work course for staff from the Vallum Tea Room, Northumberland

"I certainly feel more confident and less likely to go into 'What the heck should I do' mode!"

Paediatric First Aid course in Newcastle was "interesting and fun"

"Very interesting, lots of demonstrations, very knowledgeable instructor."

"Thank you for adapting to the additional baby in the class!"

"The course was well planned and structured, with an exceptionally good tutor who was sensitive to personal issues."

"Dave gave a very good course. Made it interesting and fun."

"I loved the course! Thank you for making it interesting!"

ITC Certificate in Outdoor First Aid in West Denton was "brilliantly delivered"

"Excellent course - practical and relevant. Big thanks. Much enjoyed."

"First class course. Very relevant for outdoor first aid."

"Nice and relaxed. Value for money."

"Excellent delivery: practical interspersed with theory rather than the other way round. Thanks Dave."

First Aid for Sport, Exercise and Leisure course in Newcastle upon Tyne was "delivered with energy and clarity"

"Enjoyable and well delivered."

"Particularly like the way the instructor made us repeat the mantra from the beginning every time - it helped to reinforce the learning."

"Good balance of activity and listening."

"Very practical and useful. Delivered with energy and clarity. Thanks Dave!"

First Aid for Sport, Exercise and Leisure course for Sport Leader students at Prudhoe Community High School was "very informative and well planned out"

"Very enjoyable and worthwhile."

"It was a very informative and well planned out course. Very informative and I feel confident to use skills I have learned."

ITC Outdoor First Aid course in Newcastle was "fun and very informative"

"Excellent and enjoyable. Good interesting tutor and companions."

"Great delivery of course. The course was fun and very informative."

"I feel more confident to deal with first aid situations" after this First Aid for Sport, Exercise and Leisure course at Chester le Street Community Centre, County Durham

"I would recommend this course to my friends."

"The quality of instruction was high."

"After this course I feel more confident to deal with first aid situations."

Emergency First Aid at Work course at Lancastrian Suite, Gateshead "was great"

"Friendly, engaging and knowledgeable trainer."

"Very informative and well delivered."

"Time on this course was time well spent."

"I learned lots of new skills. It wasn't just sitting down!"

"The course was very helpful in refreshing my knowledge."

"I thought the trainer was good and knowledgable."

"Very informative. A good way for me to remember."

First Aid at Work course for STP Construction in North Shields was "a very good course"

"Good course. Worthwhile."

"A very good course."

First Aid for Sport, Exercise and Leisure at Sporting Club Cramlington was "very enjoyable"

"I have never liked doing first aid courses but found this one very good and I felt very relaxed. Well done."

"Very enjoyable. Thank you."

Outdoor First Aid course in Newcastle was "enjoyable and well run"

"Very well run. All facilities available. Instructor put over everything in a relaxed but informative manner."

"This will be very helpful should I need to use first aid whilst leading guided walks in my work."

"Dave was an excellent instructor. Enjoyable and well run. Good refresh to current first aid practices."

Emergency First Aid for Contour Blinds, Whitley Bay was "easy to understand"

"Totally enjoyed it. Better than I thought. Made to feel involved and part of the group."

"Dave very competent and excellent delivery. Info provided was easy to understand and Dave was informative and easy to approach."

Outdoor First Aid course for Groundwork in South Tyneside was " well structured and informative"

"Great, knowledgeable and effective trainer. Course delivered at a good pace with a good variety of practicals and presentations."

"The instruction was very clear, practical demonstrations and scenarios were very useful, helped learning. Dave was clear in all instruction."

"The teaching of the course was clear and easy to understand. The instructor was excellent."

"Good practical examples and debate encouraged. Thanks Dave"

"A well structured and informative course which was knowledgeably taught."

Emergency First Aid at Work at Blackwell Grange Hotel, Darlington, was "a very worthwhile course to go on"

"Very informative with lots of practical exercises."

"Everything was well explained and the trainer made it very interesting."

"This was a very worthwhile course to go on!"

First Aid for Dance, Performing Arts and Exercise course in Newcastle was "fun and enjoyable"

"Very good course. It was nice being in a small group as everyone got to practice all the relevant procedures."

"This course was very informative and very well planned. Dave made it fun and enjoyable and I will definitely be in touch when need to renew qualification."

Emergency First Aid for Sport, Exercise and Leisure in Newcastle was "great value for money"

"Relaxed and informative."

"Really enjoyed. A lot better than I expected."

"Thank you. Great value for money. Would like to know more about other first aid courses you teach."

Outdoor First Aid course in Newcastle was "above and beyond expectations"

"Very interesting and engaging course. Not something I would normally enjoy but this course was great."

"The practical role playing/acting out really helped embed the ABCDE's of the Outdoor First Aid. Many thanks."

"Very enjoyable, good trainer. Overall very positive."

"I feel this course and the tutor were outstanding. Everything above and beyond expectations. Thank you very much."

"Enjoyable course."

"It was awesome."

"Very useful and informative. Repetition of ABC especially useful in remembering priorities."

"Excellent course, was recommended by colleague who attended and I will be recommending Dave and this course to other staff."

Emergency First Aid at Work at Lancastrian Suite, Gateshead "was an alright day!"

"I learned a lot and wasn't boring."

"This course was useful and informative."

"I learned lots of good knowledge."

"Informative and educational."

"Putting information into practice helps remember."

"Good session in first aid; very thorough."

Outdoor First Aid course in Newcastle was "much better than previous first aid courses"

"Very helpful. Feel much happier now as I had no previous first aid experience."

"Fantastic. Much better than previous first aid courses. Very engaging and useful. Think it will stick with me."

"Very good, fun, learnt a lot."

"Really enjoyed the course, good to refresh and get back up to date."

Emergency First Aid for Sport, Exercise and Leisure at Auckland YCC, Bishop Auckland was an "excellent course"

"Very good course. Excellent communication."

"Very informative."

"Excellent course. Good input, effective instruction. Thank you."

Outdoor First Aid course at West Denton Association, Newcastle, was "an awesome experience"

"Well balanced programme met all my expectations from a professional deliverer."

"Excellent well run course. Dave was very friendly and approachable."

"Good course. Room was good, tea and biscuits very welcome."

"West Denton Association was a good venue."

"A great course."

"Awesome experience. Cheers!"

"Great job Dave. Cheers."

"A worthwhile course and a good refresher after 3 years to re-assess personal first aid procedures."

Emergency First Aid for Sport, Exercise and Leisure at Parks Leisure Centre, North Shields, was "very enjoyable"

"The progression through the practical exercises was very helpful, and helped to reinforce learning and build confidence."

"Very enjoyable and learnt a great deal from the trainer"

Emergency First Aid for Sport, Exercise and Leisure at Gateshead International Stadium was "thoroughly enjoyed"

"An excellent course, thoroughly enjoyed. Course tutor was fantastic."

"Well delivered. Appropriate info given. Thank you."

Emergency First Aid at Work course for Mencap at Dilston College, Corbridge, was "very hands on and practical"

"Very informative and enlightening with some useful role plays."

"Really informative, interesting and (hopefully not) useful!"

"I was very impressed with this" Paediatric First Aid course at Pennine Primary School in Carlisle

"Thank you to Dave. A very informative but relaxed course and made enjoyable."

"Very informative and well presented. Good balance of information and practical experience."

"I was very impressed with this course. Found it very enjoyable and found Dave very friendly and approachable. Very very happy and feel more confident. Thanks Dave."

"Dave was very friendly and flexible with breaks."

"Really enjoyable. Dave was an excellent teacher. Learned a lot."

"Very helpful Dave. Thank you. Feel more confident in my job."

Paediatric First Aid course for Barnardos in Longtown, was a "good interactive two days"

"Very good course. Thanks."

"Dave's presentation was clear concise and easily understood. He is knowedgeable, enthusiastic and approachable. Thank you."

"Good interactive two days. Thanks."

"Usually dread first aid courses but this one was enjoyable and practical. Repeating things a lot helped me remember the ABC process. Thanks."

Outdoor First Aid course at Newburn Leisure Centre, Newcastle, was "thoroughly enjoyable"

"It was all great. Clearly spoken instructor. Thoroughly enjoyable."

Emergency First Aid at Work course for Royal Heskoning in Newcastle, was "best one day course I've done"

"Enyoyable course, best one day course I've done - good involvement and feedback without being put on the spot. Thank you!"

Emergency Action course at Staindrop Primary School, was "enjoyable and very informative"

"Well delivered with appropriate humour where possible!"

"Enjoyable session, very informative. Thanks"

"The fact that the whole staff did the course together means that I feel more confident as we're all working to the same procedures. Thank you. Very good and interesting instructors."

"The instructors were excellent."

"Excellent" Sport First Aid course in Hartlepool

"Very good course. Learned a lot. Trainer was excellent. He knew his topics and kept me interested. Also had good humour and kept it very interesting and informative"

"Very enjoyable and informative"

Outdoor First Aid course at Gilesgate School in Durham, was "an excellent course"

"As my first course of this nature I was initially apprehensive but I was immediately put at ease by the instructors, with a relaxing and informal atmosphere combined with a high level of teaching"

"A very worthwhile course"

"Lots of things learned but lots of fun too"

"Enjoyable and really gave me confidence"

"Not being a great lover of first aid courses my opinion was changed within minutes of the course starting thanks to the brilliant attitude and skills of the instructors"

"Excellent, well delivered, fun and informative"

"Very enjoyable and fun course"

"Really good course with excellent trainers. Thank you"

Paediatric (Outdoor) First Aid course at EWE Centre in Esh Winning, was "enjoyable and thorough"

"The course was very enjoyable and made first aid fun and very interesting"

"The trainer was really relaxed and knowledgeable. Enjoyed the pace and variety of the training. Many thanks"

"Very informative and useful information. Feel a lot more confident of my ability to assess situations"

" Very interesting. Good recap"

"I thought this course was really good and the instructor was great"

" This course was so much better than the last one I did. This time we were not put under so much pressure and didn't feel put on the spot, which was very stressful last time. We were able to discuss what we did within situations, which was helpful. Thank you very much"

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